Marbelup Valley Railway - Construction Photos

We have built the layout in sections, typically 2 m long, so that it can be moved one day if necessary. The framing and sub-roadbed is 9 mm plywood with the roadbed being 9 mm MDF (medium density fibreboard).

Most of the scenery is shaped from layers of polystyrene foam, apart from the Marbelup River area where we experimented with spray-on foam. The spray-on foam wasn't a great success, so we used sheet foam for the remaining scenery.

Spray Foam

This shows the half-way stage in making scenery from the spray foam sold as a gap filler.

We found the best way was to spray strips, then go back later to fill in the gaps.

Attempting to spray a large expanse in one go, resulted in excessive expansion and numerous, large bubbles in the foam.

Spray Foam

More spray foam, on the hill behind Marbelup River.

The 'water' is a solid sheet of plywood.

The bits of cardboard just above the 'water' are for rock outcrops, precast in black foam, which we bought from the local hobby shop.

Pouring the River

At this stage, we have just mixed and poured Envirotex, to make the Marbelup River.

Judith is actually blowing on the surface through a straw, which releases any bubbles in the liquid resin.

Approach to Freycinet

The unfinished scenery on the left is a combination of spray-on foam (yellow) and sheet polystyrene foam (white).

We trialled the spray foam in this area (around Marbelup River) but used sheet foam for the remainder of the scenery.

Gluing Sheet Foam

Layers of styrene foam being glued down, prior to shaping the scenery in the Yelverton Mill area.

Foam Scenery

Layers of foam, almost ready for shaping near Yelverton station.

Zip Texturing

We used zip texturing - sifting on a mix of dry poster paint and plaster of Paris - to quickly add a basic texture to the scenery.

Timber Trestle

The timber trestle which carries the timber line over Ten Mile Gully under construction.

Freycinet Station

The part finished station building (September 2001). The brick walls are Design Preservation Models HO modules. I painted the walls before adding the styrene angle brackets which support the roof. Compare with finished station.

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Updated 5 May 2004