Marbelup Valley Railway - Guided Tour


Part of the main station, which services the port of Freycinet.

This photo shows the yard area and the harbour (on the right).


The central section of Freycinet station, which includes the station building.

Passenger trains normally use the track at the rear of the platform, as the front track provides access to the goods yard.

Also just visible is my workbench which which is located under this part of the layout.


This photo shows the remainder of Freycinet station, including the turntable and loco shed.

The tall brick building in the background is Freycinet Cold Storage, which sends and receives frequent shipments in refrigerated vans.

Marbelup River

After leaving Freycinet, the railway passes an apple orchard then crosses Marbelup River via a 3-span steel girder bridge.

There is a real Marbelup Brook which the Perth-Albany railway follows for some distance near Elleker, west of Albany. See map and history.


This section is closely based on the real Kojonup station, located about 250 km south-east of Perth.

We built the Kojonup section between 1983 and 1986.

We exhibited Kojonup several times in Perth from 1986 onwards and even displayed it in Kojonup in 1992.

Ten Mile Gully

A lightly-constructed timber tramway leaves the main line at Karri Junction (near Yelverton) and runs to Ten Mile Gully (on the far side of the long timber trestle) which is the source of logs for the sawmill at Yelverton. Log trains descend via a zig-zag on their way to the mill.

We have made some tall trees from natural "trunks" and Woodland Scenics foliage. Lots more are still needed as well as the forest understory and other vegetation.

Yelverton Mill

The sawmill is the main industry at Yelverton. Log trains arrive from the forest, and sawn timber leaves by rail as well. A 3-truck Shay is based at the sawmill and it regular runs to Ten Mile Gully on the log train.

The long passing loop is also useful for trains operating on the single-track mainline. There is also a small station platform on the loop for local passenger trains.


Springdale is a small rural station. There is a fuel depot in the foreground, and there is a small loco depot (with a turntable and steel coal tower) at the far end.

Springdale North

Springdale North functions as a 4-track staging yard, but also has basic scenery in place. For timetable operation, Springdale North represents all other destinations on the WAGR network.

At the far end, one track connects through to Freycinet allowing continuous running for test purposes or just plain fun.

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Updated 23 October 2005