Babar And Father Christmas

"...Soon he was drinking good hot soup with Father Christmas, after thanking him from the bottom of his heart."

"Babar and Father Christmas" is truly one of Jean De Brunhoff's most imaginative and interesting works. The book contains a wonderful story line about how Babar goes in search of Father Christmas and many enchanting illustrations, including a detailed diagram of Jean De Brunhoff's idea of Father Christmas' Work Shop! The story begins when Zephir, the little monkey, runs and tells his friends about Father Christmas and how he delivers presents to children on Christmas Eve. The children are so excited that they decide write a letter to Father Christmas and ask him to stop by Celesteville next time he sets out to deliver presents. However, they receive no reply to their letter and this greatly saddens them. So they tell Babar about their dilemma, and he sets off to find Father Christmas in the hope that he can meet the old gentleman and persuade him to travel to Celesteville. He visits many places on his travels and meets a number of interesting people and animals, whom he asks if they know where Father Christmas lives. However they don't and he doesn't have any success until he finds an old second hand book which gives details to the whereabouts of Father Christmas. However he can't read the book as it is written in another language and takes it to a Professor who is able to translate the language into English. The Professor tells him that the book says apparently he lives in a place called Bohemia, and so Babar sets off to find this place. While on his way there, he befriends a little dog and takes him with him.

They eventually come to a snowy mountain where they unexpectedly fall down a hole and stumble upon Father Christmas' workshop. Babar finds Father Christmas, tells him about Celesteville and eventually persuades him to come back to his home town, where he is warmly greeted. The result is a happy ending where Babar's children's wish is fulfilled and they finally get a visit from Father Christmas.... but, on Christmas Eve there is a twist to the story! As Father Christmas can't manage to visit Celesteville and distribute the toys, he gives Babar a magic suit which flies and will enable him to be Father Christmas for the night! The story then ends happily with a surprise for everyone. The real Father Christmas returns and delivers a beautiful Christmas Tree to Babar's family. Together, they stand around and gaze at the tree in awe. Adorned with decorations and brightly lit, it fills Babar's household with Christmas Spirit. Then Father Christmas returns to his home town, and before going, promises that he'll return each year to the land of the elephants.

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