Marbelup Valley Railway

The Marbelup Valley Railway represents main-line operations of the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) in the early 1960's. The trains are in Sn3 scale which is 1/64th scale but using 16.5 mm gauge track to give the correct narrow gauge appearance of the original. At that time, the WAGR system was entirely 1067 mm (3'6") gauge.

Apart from Kojonup, the stations and scenes modelled are ficticious although based on typical WAGR practice. The main station, Freycinet, represents a major port on the south coast of Western Australia. Again apart from Kojonup, construction has taken place since late 1997. The trackwork, most major buildings and basic scenery have been complete for several years. During 2012, static grass was been applied to most areas, but more trees and scenic details are still to be added.

Enlarged Aerial View Enlarged Aerial View
Aerial view based on an idea in a Model Railroader article by Gerry Leone.
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